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Error parsing encrypted customer ID (Invalid data encoded string)

Rapid account: Connor Mulhall
10 वर्ष पहले

Hello I have just subscribed and I am getting a { error: true, is_critical: 0, message: “Error parsing encrypted customer ID (Invalid data encoded string)”, command: “check_spelling”} Error

Rapid account: Webspellchecker
webspellchecker Commented 10 वर्ष पहले

Hello Connor,

Looks like that you have used short (10th-digit) customerID during initialization. Please note that short customerID is used to identify you and your site(s) in our system.

In order to get this issue resolved you need to use long encrypted customerID during SCAYT initialization instead. Mentioned customerID was provided to you in sproxy.ini file via e-mail with account details after subscribing. Do not forget to clean browser cache once the SCAYT initialization settings will be updated.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

WebSpellChecker.net Team

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