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Missing São Paulo City

Rapid account: Kayokalinauskas

When I attempt to retrieve a list of cities using the specified parameters, I’m not getting any results:

URL: ‘’,
minPopulation: '1000000’
namePrefix: 'São Paulo’
languageCode: ‘pt-BR’

This issue persists even when I exclude the ‘languageCode,’ accentuation, or ‘minPopulation’ criteria, São Paulo city is not found. It seems that the API only return it when searching by the city ID, as demonstrated in this example:

São Paulo is also a region (state), so it can be confusing, but São Paulo City alone is the largest city in Brazil.

Rapid account: Wirefreethought
wirefreethought Commented 5달 전

This has been fixed.

Rapid account: Kayokalinauskas
kayokalinauskas Commented 6달 전

Thank you for reply!
I’ll look forward to it, thanks for the help.

Rapid account: Wirefreethought
wirefreethought Commented 6달 전

It appears the daily update process marked this city as ‘deleted’. I will have a look in the coming days.

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