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By Simone | Updated 2 года назад | Sports
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Pro vs Ultra

Rapid account: Jascha L
4년 전

Hi, quick questions.

  1. Does the Pro subscription include (no live) Player statistics for a match?
  2. Is there a call to get all fixtures for a season (i.e. all matches to be played)? Or do I have to call all the specific dates to find all matches?
Rapid account: Heisenbug
heisenbug Commented 4년 전


  1. yes
    2)no, but you can query the API with only the match day parameter (without specifying the date) starting with 1 to get all the matches of the first day. You can either query the API passing only team1 (or team2) to get all the matches for the team in the season when it’s playing at home (away).
    Let me know if you any other request.
    Have fun!

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