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By Simone | Updated 2年前 | Sports
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"Statistics for player in the match not available yet (use the live version if the match is playing)"

Rapid account: Jascha L
4 years ago


I would like to use the API for post-match player stats. I want to get things up and running before the seasons starts, but since there is no data available, I can’t build anything yet.

Is it possible to get one or two sample responses for all the calls, so I can use it to build my program before the first match day rolls around? Thanks

Rapid account: Jascha L
JaschaL Commented 4 years ago

Thanks for the response. Solved my question.
From when will you have the 2019/20 fixtures available? I currently get a “no match found” for ?date=08032019&matchday=1

Rapid account: Heisenbug
heisenbug Commented 4 years ago

it seems like you are querying stats for an unknown player, try to check the players who has played the match maybe using the lineups or maybe the event API or the player API either.
More, pay attention about the name spelling as the API, for now, require the match for case too, for example querying for the Matthijs de Ligth you should have a response.
Let us know for any further problem.
Have a nice day

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