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Football live data needed for project

Rapid account: Sudhi 318
il y a 7 ans

Hii Team

To fulfill our project requirements, we need football live data. Please find requirements mentioned below:

1 Current Live Score. 2 Time Elapsed. 3 Red Cards/ Yellow Cards brandished to the playing squad. 4 Substitutions. 5 Match Statistics-Percentage possession. 6 Passes complete. 7 Total shots. 8 Shots on goal. 9 In case of goals scored-the name of the player/s who have scored . 10 If no live match, the we should retrieve the score from the last completed match.

After testing with our application successfully we can go for purchasing of API. Please provide solution for these requirements, And let me know in case more input required from my side…

Note: This project is on urgent basis.

Rapid account: Heisenbug
heisenbug Commented il y a 7 ans

Hi Sandhya Mishra,
of course you can,
there is the API ‘Player statistics for a match’, with live and no-live version (see the Overview page for details) where you need to pass the player name plus the match details (team1 and team2) which you are interested for statistics on. More we are working hard to release within next weeks more APIs about players stats that will let you to compare players performances or get player table stats (we are open to customers requests to make our API even better 😉).
As for the accounting test, our API different from others in this platform exists only on Mashape, so we can’t at the moment create an account bypassing Mashape policies that require a credit card information either for the Basic free plan.
What we can say is that, Mashape is a surely a trusted site so, even if you put in your credit card information, those are secured from anahoutoruized access and you won’t be credit till you are below the free quota limit.
We take the change to add another things that maybe make us different from other providers, if you subscribe to a plan you can continue to stay to that plan till you unsubscribe even if prices should go up, or you can simple switch when prices should go down (we have customers with us that subscribed when prices where very low as we offer very little data and now we don’t block then even if those prices are at the moment out of market for the huge of data we offer now).
One last things, our API maybe is the only one on the market where you don’t need to be a programmer to use it, you can indeed count on the community support on develop your app (on Premier League we have just released an example HTML page on how using the scorers API take a look here) or just use the free Talend Open Studio suite to load data into your db or wherever (tFootballDataInput Talend component available for free).

Ok, for any other questions you know how to find us 😉
Have a nice day.

Rapid account: Sudhi 318
sudhi318 Commented il y a 7 ans

Thanks for your response.
One more query, Is this possible to get player statistics only by providing player name .

We need a test account however it is asking for credit card information, but i am unable to provide it. Is there any way to get test account without credit card information. Once we will test successfully we will go for purchase. please suggest solution for it.

Please let me know in case of any concern.

Sandhya Mishra

Rapid account: Heisenbug
heisenbug Commented il y a 7 ans

Hi, thanks for your interest in our API, as for your questions, our API let you to retrieve data with live updates either, indeed you can retrieve data at points 1,2 and 10 with the API ‘Week matches’, at point 3 with ‘Match events live’, at point 4 with ‘Lineups and substitutions for a game (live)’, at points 5,6,7 and 8 with ‘Match statistics Live’ and at point 9 with ‘Match scorers Live’. The same data are available on no live basis using the no live version for the API.
We invite you to check our Documentation and Overview page for more information about as well as to follows us to be updates on new features release, we continually add something new to make our API ever more unique.
I hope we’ll be part of our community soon and if you have any doubts just ask, we’ll be you an answer as soon as possible.
Have fun with La Liga!

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