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Clarification on Pricing

Rapid account: Mzmousa
7 years ago

I would like some clarification on what is meant by x / month with regards to the pricing on this API (e.g., for the basic plan, 10 / month for La Liga or 5 / month for La Liga live). Does this mean 5 API calls per month? I’m looking to use this API to develop my own fantasy league app, but this seems like too low of a number if it’s referring to API calls.

Most API’s I’ve seen have a free rate of say, 1000 calls / month, the lowest I’ve seen is 200 calls per month. Unless I’m understanding this incorrectly, I don’t see how anyone can develop an app with 5-10 API calls in a month.

Thanks in advance.

Rapid account: Heisenbug
heisenbug Commented 7 years ago


thanks for your interest in our API and for your feedback about your experience on using it, we appreciate this a lot as things like these make us more committed about making this API even better.

As for the clarification you asked, yes, 10 calls per month means very that, that is you can issue till 10 calls before be charged for every extra call for the extra price. So with the FREE plan you have 15 free calls, 10 for the no live API and 5 for the live one plus any extra you like that it’ll be charged for the extra price; take in mind that these values are going to change as we’ll review prices and quotas for the upcoming 2016-17 season soon.

As for your request to raise these values to have the time to develop a client able to rightly consume the APIs, well for the moment we have really very high cost per call and from our experience we have seen a lot of clients no need more then 500 calls per month, so we’d risk to have no revenue form our APIs at all.

More, once you have subscribed a Mashape plan, you can stay with that plan for ever if you think those conditions are better then the new ones, so we could not make a temporary plan either (for example in the last year we have raised a lot the prices to be able to afford the cost and so maintaining the API active, but many clients that are with us from very beginning are still today with the firsts very low prices).

However, we’ll take in account your request and maybe we could find out a better solution to the problem in the future, for now, indeed, you have to do your best from the information we have published on the Documentation, Overview and Announcements page, without counting any kind of support opening a ticket like this one.

Just one last thing, don’t make the error to put our APIs on the same level of other ones, as if it could be true that others offer higher quotas, we hardly believe others can offer the same service we offer for less 😉

Thanks again for your feedback, and we hope to have you abroad soon.


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