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Historical Data & Real Time Questions

Rapid account: Cricketgenie
7 years ago


I see you have created lots of APIs for the various European leagues.

You mention that you have you historical soccer data that you are happy to make available to developers? How far back does your soccer data go and what is the cost of acquiring this historical data?

Furthermore, how real time is the data this API provides? Does it deliver information in real time or post match?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


Rapid account: Heisenbug
heisenbug Commented 7 years ago


ok for all the questions you have,

as for

  1. we have data starting from 2010 to the present, but take in mind that this is an ongoing process yet, at the end we hope to have data for at least the last 10 seasons for each league. At the moment Bundesliga has for example data starting from season 2008-09, SerieA from season 1986-87. Take in mind that the kind of data collected could be slightly different from a season to another and either from a league to another

  2. yes,with the exception for Ligue1, but we count to add some soon

  3. Champions League will be an API we’ll provide for the first time in the upcoming season, even here wlle’d previous seasons, but at the moment the priority is to be ready with live data with the new league edition

  4. this is an option we haven’t take in account so for, and at the moment, at least of important deals, we difficult consider

Ok for any other doubt, you know how reach us 😉

Have a nice day.

Rapid account: Cricketgenie
cricketgenie Commented 7 years ago


Thanks for getting back to me. You may have received another message from me about this already but I wanted I cannot see it in this comment chain, so here it is again…

I have a few more questions if that’s alright?

  1. Regarding the historical La Liga data you have, do you mean you only have data for the 2010/11 season OR do you mean you have historical La Liga data from 2010 - present?

  2. I note you provide APIs for other football leagues on Mashape… Do you have historical data for these leagues also?

  3. Do you have historical and live data for The Champions League?

  4. Would you be open to us paying a one time fee for historical soccer data? If so, how much would you charge?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


Rapid account: Heisenbug
heisenbug Commented 7 years ago


yes we have historical data either, for now , for La Liga, we have data till the 2010-11 season, but we count to add some season more very soon, as well as all matches and players statistics that at the moment are available only for the current season.

For the cost, well, we are going to review those soon too, however, each plan give you the right to query for live data, no live data and historical data too (either the FREE one), with clearly higher calls quotas and lower extra prices for higher priced subscriptions.
There are real time data and post match data, usually the last ones have lower extra quota prices.

More we are continually adding more features inspired by our customer too, give a look at the Announcements page to view the API evolution in the last season and follow us to stay updated for any news.

Last, you can get a look at what we are working on at the moment giving a look at the Euro 2016 Live Scores API that has some new features we’ll add to all the other leagues for the next season.

We hope to have you abroad soon, and for any question, doubt or request, let us know.

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