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I want demo API and support.

Rapid account: Bimlesh
7년 전

Dear Team,
I am using codeigniter and want to emplement football live score API. Pls provide me demo API and support ASAP.

Thanks & Regards
Bimlesh Mishra

Rapid account: Heisenbug
heisenbug Commented 7년 전

Hi bimlesh,
thanks for your interest into our API!
As for demos at the moment we have released a SPA example that visualize Premier League Top Scorers using AmChart library; you should able to adapt it easily by yourself to any other our API.
You can find it here.
For PHP we don’t have any demo yet (maybe you could submit one;)) however you should be able to consume our API into your framework using the snippet code you find in the Documentation page, click on the PHP tab on the right of a page to find out how integrate each API.
Ok, let us know for any problem, we are here for those 😉
We hope to have you abroad soon.
Have fun!

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