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Rapid account: Tokyo TG

The allow control access origin is only for localhost:8080

Rapid account: Rikudouensof
Rikudouensof Commented 4年前

Seems it is not updating anymore

Rapid account: Tokyo TG
TokyoTG Commented 4年前

Please try and find time and update the api sir. or you can leave instructions on how to update it.

Rapid account: Tboynonilekan
tboynonilekan Commented 4年前

I have resolved it with corsanywhere. Thanks boss. Please can you update the api data please or make it accessible for others to update

Rapid account: Mastersam 07
Mastersam07 Commented 4年前
Rapid account: Tokyo TG
TokyoTG Commented 4年前

Can you please change that ?

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