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Single game details

8 महीने पहले

Hi, i am trying to GET result on a single game details, which does not work, according to the docs it should be https://api.rawg.io/api/games/ + name or slug plus the api-key this returns nothing.

If i search using ? this returns a result but shows all games which is not helpful.

Any tips would be appreciated.


accujazz commented 8 महीने पहले

Hi! I am pretty sure you misspelled the request. Please, try, for example, https://api.rawg.io/api/games/2?key=Your_API_Key (replacing Your_API_Key with your key).

acsdigital3 commented 8 महीने पहले

Hi, thanks for the reply, although your example did not work for the each game it did give a random result, just not the details of the requested game.

It did however put me on the right track, i now use this “https://api.rawg.io/api/games/” + slug + “?” + “key=” + key + “&page=2” + “&page_size=1”; this returns the details of any selected game.

So thanks again without your push in the right direction i would have been stumped.

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