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Something went wrong

Rapid account: Liutongchen
לפני שנתיים

I receive “something went wrong” message when trying to test this API on RapidAPI portal. Has anyone successfully tested this API?

Rapid account: Crimeometer
crimeometer Commented לפני 8 חודשים

Hi all,

Please reach out to us via our website:

Thanks in advance!

Rapid account: Jacobzirbel
jacobzirbel Commented לפני שנה

I’m guessing this doesn’t exist anymore.

the website they list for examples no longer exists.

Rapid account: Nate Demis
NateDemis Commented לפני שנתיים

experiencing the same issue here, I don’t know how long it will take to fix it

Rapid account: Rsg 73
rsg73 Commented לפני שנתיים

I have been getting the “something went wrong” message as well. I have tried many variations with lat/long and date combinations but am not able to test this API.

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