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Public API Key Not Authenticating

Rapid account: Garywilson
il y a 7 ans

The Giphy Public Key is no longer authenticating

Rapid account: Garywilson
garywilson Commented il y a 7 ans

curl --get --include ‘
-H ‘X-Mashape-Key: yF1jnewXRTmshQMeoLJu7VvK7YYLp1y1XErjsnSRtmvGqpSMtC’
-H ‘Accept: application/json’

This api is now working correctly. I’m getting a response.

I had tested via the Mashape api and directly with the Giphy api.

Many thanks,

Rapid account: Giphy
giphy Commented il y a 7 ans

Hi garywilson? Can you share the request you’re making that is failing? It seems to be working normally on our side. Our official up-to-date API docs still reside at–be sure to check out those as the source of truth. Feel free to re-open this as needed if you can reproduce the issue!

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