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HiVoicy French ASR API can convert any French voice to the text.

HiVoicy French ASR API can convert any French audio to text.You can try our speech recognition with your mobile voice recorder or uploading a file easily on our website.


-Supported file types: mp3, Ogg, Wav, m4a and WMA.
-Max length can be 1 minute.

  • Accuracy > 92 %
    -Transcribe speech to text in real-time.
    -Running pre-bulit models,tailored for your use case
    -Noise robust
    -Voice activity detection support (VAD)
    -API , SDK for Android, Windows, iOS and Linux
    -The ability to integrate with mobile apps, cloud software, connected
    devices and ultimately internet of things
    -Available on your private cloud
    -The ability to develop for the other languages


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