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Not returning suggested features

Rapid account: Nuts 92
4 years ago

Hello, I’m trying to use the endlessmedical api in building a smart chatbot for symptoms analysis. However, when I call the updatefeature endpoint for example and I pass the Age and a feature like Chills and their values(let’s say 25, 3) and then call the get suggested features method it returns empty. Also, i wanted to ask you about the difference between the /v1/dx/GetSuggestedFeatures_PatientProvided and the /v1/dx/GetSuggestedFeatures_PhysicianProvided. it’s not clear the difference between these two endpoints.

Rapid account: Lukaszkiljanek
lukaszkiljanek Commented 4 years ago

yes, in current version of the API you have to call Analyze() before calling GetSuggestedFeatures_***
it can be changed later, but for now please just call Analyze() before calling these endpoints

PatientProvided features are features that patient can provide, like - how he feels, what is his medical history, where he feels pain, etc.
PhysicianProvided features are features that only Physician can provide, like getting some laboratory test, or measuring something

yes we are aware EndlessMedical language is more professional, what I can say is that we are working on adding patient-friendly language and it will be available in the next installment of the API

Rapid account: Nuts 92
nuts92 Commented 4 years ago

No, I didn’t because for example I took from the patient the basic stuff like age, gender, and one symptom (he said for example I have a fever) so before calling analyze I wanted to get other suggested features that I want to ask the user for improving the diagnosis before analyzing all the symptoms. So does that mean that I have to call analyze first before calling getSuggestedFeatures?

Also, you say that the patient provided is provided by the patient, I don’t understand that really but does that mean that these are the questions that you ask or provide the patient with? And the PhysicianProvided are the questions or features that you present to the doctor??

I have been comparing between apimedic and endless api for quite some time now and although I feel endless medical is more sophisticated and more precise in diagnosis, what concerns me and I wanted to ask you about is that when I downloaded the getfeatures json and checked it out there are a lot of features/medical terms that I can’t present to the regular user because they are medical terms and are hard to understand for people who are not doctors like for example this one (Supplied air O2 % (FiO2 %), Room air: 21%, Nasal cannula: 1L/min 24%, 2L/min 28%, 3L/min 32%, 4L/min 36%, 5L/min 40%, 6L/min 44% *) so a doctor will understand it if I ask him that but the regular user may not. So does calling getSuggestedFeatures_patientsProvided will provide the user with such feature/symptom or is that feature is only for helping doctors(physician provided) better diagnose patients and patients get easier questions??

Rapid account: Lukaszkiljanek
lukaszkiljanek Commented 4 years ago


did you run Analyze before trying to retrieve GetSuggestedFeatures_*** ?

the difference between PatientProvided and PhysicianProvided features is that the former is provided by the patient, and the latter is provided by the physician

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