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How do you count those approaches?

Rapid account: Mkajnar
a year ago


I have received approximately 500 emails from your api, that I have accessed and you have counted 23,537 API Calls. This seems like a lot of nonsense to me. What are you counting in all this? I use the email to access the site, I get an email with a code in it, I read that. So what did you get 23,537 API calls from??? This is seriously miscalculated and I’m not going to pay for it. Try to give me some advice on how to use this in a simple way to minimize those API calls. Thank you! With regards Milan Kajnar

Rapid account: Mkajnar
mkajnar Commented a year ago

Hello. Thank you for your prompt reply. Please send me a personal contact (phone or messenger) at mkajnar@mikesoft.cz - I need more information on the proper use of your code. Thank you very much.

Rapid account: Mrsonj
mrsonj Commented a year ago

Hi, I have read and understand your problem is that this is a mistake. The number of api calls is a function of RapidAPI, we are also just members here. I can’t interfere with anything. Your problem I think you should contact RapidAPI, they will give you a solution. They will have a way so that you will not be charged in this case. Thank you

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