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With this API you get a tool that covers all possible areas of creating breathtaking Sudokus. Find full documentation at:

SUDOKU API - everything you need is here!

CREATE, SOLVE and VERIFY - with this Sudoku API you get a tool that covers all possible areas of creating breathtaking Sudokus

Yeah! Sudoku! You either love it or hate it. Many love it, and that’s where you come in. Developing solutions and projects for this API is a great opportunity to make money. How? Have a look at these examples:

  • Offer your service to newspapers and magazines. Have a look at newspapers you enjoy reading. Even if they already have Sudokus, you can use this API to offer copyright free Sudokus, or your services are simply cheaper than others. And if they don’t have Sudokus yet, now is the time!

  • If you work on a newspaper yourself, entertain your readers with a new Sudoku. Whether you do professional journalism, have a magazine for fishermen or dog lovers, or publish the new stock market reports. Give your readers a break with a new Sudoku!

  • Make easy money with a Sudoku print magazine! “123 Sudokus you’ve never seen before!” or “Yeah! Yet another 200 Sudokus that made me cry!”. Simple layout requirements. PDF printing. Easy to realize. Everything you need is here!

  • Website owners and content creators know that being up-to-date is important. This API helps you generate fresh content regularily without effort. On your own websites and on websites of your customers.

  • Position yourself as a Sudoku specialist. Offer a service to create, solve and review Sudokus - for little money.

Not bad either: As mentioned before, generated Sudokus are royalty-free, no backlinks required, no “Copyright by” or “Made with” needed. Sell them for commercial use and add your own copyright if you want to, because after all, these are your Sudokus. Once created, you can do whatever you want with your Sudoku.

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