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live stats delayed

Rapid account: Maximemartinez
4 months ago

hi, ive been trying to use the API for a couple days now and i ve noticed some delays sometimes. difference between what is displayed on flashscore.com and the API.
i am talking about football, but i assume it is the same for other sports.
latest example is ‘Blackburn’, ‘Birmingham’ on Sat 28/01. i requested at the 37 minutes 01-28-2023 15:38:44 UTC and score was 1-1. the query gave me 37 0 1.
maybe the website shows the goal even if there is a VAR review and not the API ? but VAR does not take 4min, so i assume it is not that
any idea ?

Rapid account: Tipsters
tipsters Commented 4 months ago

Data is in real time. There is no delay. This is very interesting about what you write.

Endpoints /v1/events/brief or /v1/events/data ?

You must contact me tipsters@rapi.one or t.me/api_tipsters

Rapid account: Maximemartinez
maximemartinez Commented 4 months ago

[‘Mainz’, ‘Bochum’] 78` 4 0 - at that moment, there is 4/2 on the website, Bochum scored at 70 and 72

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