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Pricing on Jokes API for Hackathon


Hi. We are a team participating in LA Hacks, and was wondering if we could do the queries for free. The hackathon is only for this weekend, and it would really help us out if we can do continuous testing with the api. Is there anything we can do to make this possible?


webknox commented 7年前

Wow, that sounds like a cool project! Thanks for letting me know!

abcde13 commented 7年前

Oh. Sorry I didn’t get to this earlier. We built (or, at least tried to) a model that learns what kind of humor the person enjoys by detecting their brainwaves. We won an EEG by lottery (Emotive Epoch). We then tried to use its SDK to see what kind of brain activity occurred when someone laughs/found something funny. In our demo, we showed people different jokes from you API and tried to see when they found it funny, and then improved the score of that category, making it more likely to be picked again.

Unfortunately, the Emotive Epoch is as adept as we would have like at detecting laughter. It was better at facial changes than explicit brainwaves, and we would have needed a better background in signals detection to really filter out noise and look for brainwaves. However, it was fun, and people found the experiment and the possibilities enjoyable.

Here is a link to the project:

Thanks so much for the unlimited queries plan. It really helped us jumpstart our project. We’ve never worked with an EEG before, so that consumed most of our time. Finding another API for jokes or some sort of database would have been a hassle, since there isn’t any other real api besides this one for all sorts of jokes.

webknox commented 7年前

Have you build something worth sharing at the Hackathon?

webknox commented 7年前

Sure, I invited you to the plan. Let me know what you’ve build at the Hackathon 😃

Happy Easter,

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