HollyStock Celebrity Pricing
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HollyStock Celebrity Pricing Overview

Retrieve the pricing of all celebrities from the online celebrity stock market game HollyStock. Results can be returned in XML or JSON.

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This RESTful service will allow you to retrieve pricing information for all of the celebrities on the HollyStock.com Exchange. HollyStock is a celebrity fantasy stock market game.

For both the XML and JSON formats, you'll find two main categories of celebrity data:

  • BonusBucks
  • CelebrityValues

The BonusBucks node will provide any celebrities that are currently designated as "Bonus Bucks" celebrities in the system. These are temporary price changes and will expire on the date/time in the expires node.

The CelebrityValues node will provide all celebrities who currently have a price in the HollyStock Exchange.

To find the associated image of a celebrity, use the following naming convention. Replace {celebId} with the actual celebId of the celebrity you want.

Thumbnail Images: http://www.hollystock.com/images/celebs/thumb/{celebId}.jpg
Small/Midsize Images: http://www.hollystock.com/images/celebs/mid/{celebId}.jpg
Full Image: http://www.hollystock.com/images/celebs/full/{celebId}.jpg

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