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Detailed data on 10+ million Canadian properties!

(Note, we only support Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, currently - but send us a note with what cities you want us to support next! Soon we’ll have 'em all. 😃 )

Property market value estimates, rent estimates, for both active listings as well as off-market properties - and for both residential and commercial properties.

Great for everything from creating property listing websites to lending risk evaluation.

You do not need to have a real estate industry license to access this API.

Here are some examples of what you can do with this API:

  • Create a real estate website similar to ours (

  • Get the estimated market value and estimated list price value of the property.

  • Get the history of a property’s market value.

  • Retrieve hundreds of data points for a specific address, including physical attributes, property features, tax assessment history, and property tax amounts.

  • Filter the data right from the API to easily get the exact data you’re looking for.

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