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IdealSpot provides unique location intelligence to better align commercial real-estate location with consumer intent. We take traditional identity datasets and combine them with our proprietary and innovative intent datasets to provide unparalleled information which gives you with a better understanding of your market.

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Insight Category Description
age Median age and age brackets by gender
age-trends Historical and projected population by age bracket
ancestry Ancestry
avg-home-value Average home value over time.
crime Crime indicies across several categories
daytime-population Conventionally, daytime population is equated to the number of the employees in an area. However, that number does not capture stay-at-home parents, students, and retired or unemployed individuals.
education Current year education levels.
employee-categories Number of employees by business category
employees Quarterly historical total number of employees (often referred to as daytime population).
establishment-categories Number of businesses by category
establishments Quarterly historical total number of establishments.
ethnicity Current year ethnicity proportions.
gdp Quarterly historical gross domestic product estimates.
gender Current year gender populations.
generations Age generations
home-value Median home value and home value buckets
household-income The total amount all members of a household earn.
household-size Number of people per households
households Historical counts and forecasts of number of households in an area.
housing-ownership Home renters, owners, and vacancies.
language Language
market-context Common market overview metrics.
market-gap Market gaps by category
market-void Businesses we expect to exist but do not.
mortgage-risk Number of mortgages and their risks on a 1 to 5 scale.
occupation Describes the occupations of residents in the trade area.
residential-population Historical, current and forecasted number of people living in houses and apartments within a trade area.
salaries Salary/Wage per Employee per Annum
seasonal-population Population residing in a housing unit specifically designated as seasonal housing, like a summer cottage or winter chalet.
social Expressed interest on social media within the location’s trade area by business category.
spending Weekly expenditures per product.
transient-population Population residing in a hotel or RV (Recreational Vehicle) for at least 1 night.
vehicles-per-hh Number of vehicles available per household
youth-age Yearly age counts up to 21 by gender
search Search engine searches within a location’s trade area by business category.
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