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Bypass Captcha API Overview

ImageTyperz is a leading bypass captcha service in market. Our team can bypass any type of captcha in division of seconds. We are guaranteeing our accuracy over 95% with no charge for bad captchas. We have captcha bypass APIs available in different types of platform (.NET, C\C++, Java, PHP, Perl etc…).

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Bypass Captcha service from Imagetyperz is the leading and renowned captcha bypass service provider for any major software platform.

Our bypass captcha rate is only 0.0013$ per captcha between 9.30 PM EST to 9.30 AM EST (off Peak Hours). And 0.00165$ per captcha, between 9.30 AM and 9.30 PM EST (Peak Hours). You will receive 3% extra credit if you place an order of 99$ or more.

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