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Key Points:

  • Almost all queries should be made using the stock ticker symbol (e.g. MSFT or NOKIA.HE Note: US stocks rarely need the exchanage, other exchanges will need an exchange suffix)

Endpoints notes

Fundamentals data is typically yearly and quarterly statements, for cash flows, income statement, balance sheet, and key financials, but there are cases (depending on exchange and/or specific company) where data is not available. A query to a missing data point will result in a 404 error.


Returns an ordered list of all available exchange codes. It is suggested that you start by querying that endpoint to identify the exchange codes, then query for the exchanges that interest you for a list of stock tickers, and then subsequently, query their financial/price data.


Convient list of common stocks listed per exchange. This list is occasionally updated manually by the API maintainer, and so may not be fully representative of all available stocks on a day-to-day basis, but should help in stock discovery.


Query end of day quotes (open, high, low, close, adjusted close, volume etc) based on date rate (startDateInclusive/endDateInclusive in YYYY-MM-DD format)

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