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Powerful image optical character recognition (OCR) for over 20 languages and with machine-readable-zone support. Perfect for a wide range of use-cases, including but not limited to receipt and invoice scanning as well as general image-based text extraction, the default service currently allows you to POST an image of up to 1MB for analysis. If you require larger images, or PDF scans, please contact us for invitation to a custom plan.

Currently, the public services support files (JPG, PNG, GIF, and URL of a file) up to 1MB in size, please contact us for increases up to 5MB. Custom plans can be created for larger file sizes. We are working on PDF OCR and increasing the file size limits, if you are interested in these features, please contact us for discussions and timeline.

Images / uploaded content are NOT stored locally or retained in any way by our service.

Please contact us for custom usage and/or pricing scenarios.

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