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Key Points:

  • All queries to parse text require the input text, and an array of one or more url detection options, specifying which rules and filters will be applied during the url extraction.
  • Url detect options are applied in a bitwise manner (i.e. a HTML page source could be uploaded and scanned with the options for ‘Default’, ‘HTML’, ‘Javascript’ enabled, which might be a good combination for extracting urls from the page content as well as any script included in the page).
  • The best combination of detection options will depend on your individual use case, some experimentation may be beneficial.

Endpoints notes

The Detection Options must be passed in to match the values found at the:


Returns an list of all available url detection options that can be passed during a url detection request. One or more values must be passed, and they are bitwise additive.


Post a body of text, along with any url detection options required, and receive back a list of matching urls detected in the input.

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