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Global Response Codes

0000 Message added to queue OK.

2006 Not enough information has been supplied for authentication. Please ensure that your Username and Unique Key are supplied in your request.

2007 Your account has not been activated.

2015 The destination mobile number is invalid.

2016 Identical message already sent to this recipient. Please try again in a few seconds.

2017 Invalid Sender ID. Please ensure Sender ID is no longer than 11 characters and contains no spaces.

2018 You have reached the end of your message credits. You will need to purchase more message credits.

2022 Your Unique Key is incorrect. This may be caused by a recent Key change.

2051 Message is empty.

2052 Too many recipients.

2100-2199 Internal error.

Test Data

The mobile numbers below are available for testing:
Australian Mobile Number: 0411111111
International Mobile Number: +8611111111111

A ‘message added to queue’ response will be returned. No SMS will actually be sent. This won’t use any of your credit.

Test User

A test user with no credit is available:
Username: nocredit
Secure Unique Key: e7e62e1826d6f9ac1dcc208963b58b8cdad9aa12b53

This user will always return a no credit error.

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