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An intelligently generated similarity key can be used to identify redundant or duplicate customer information within a database or CRM system. It can be used as a basis for matching records when combining multiple data sources, or as a searching mechanism to find “similar” results of organization names using the similarity keys as the basis for a match. Multiple algorithms are available along with an improved core engine. It can be used with Interzoid’s Cloud Data Connect product (see Docs) to connect directly with databases using native drivers and ODBC drivers built into the product to automate use of the API.

Better data equals better results! Analytics, reporting, matching across sources, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence - all of these applications are only as good as the quality of the underlying data.

Company name data can be inconsistent, making redundant company or organization name data difficult to track down or match. This API provides an algorithmically-generated similarity key used to match with other similar company name data. Data can then be sorted or matched using these similarity keys, rather than using the inconsistent data itself. This enables de-duplication of existing databases, prevention of duplicates to enter existing databases, and matching inconsistent data sources across databases for data virtualization enhancements and creation of new data sources.

You can choose from multiple matching algorithms, “wide”, “medium”, and “narrow”. “Wide” will find a greater number of matches, but may also find similarly-spelled false positives. “Narrow” will result in tighter matching requirements, but then may miss a few matches. Your business case will dictate which algorithm is ideal.

This API has also been built into Interzoid’s Cloud Data Connect product so you can run match reports and insert similarity keys into various database platforms to automate use of the API using your RapidAPI key and without any coding necessary. This enables match reports and similarity keys to be used instantly and out of the box with top database platforms such as AWS Aurora/RDS, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Google SQL, Azure SQL, CockroachDB, SkySQL, MS Access, MS Excel, CSV files, ODBC sources, and many more. Visit for more information and usage details. Contact us with any questions.

Here are some examples of how the similarity keys are used to eliminate inconsistency, enabling the matching of data via similarity key, rather than the actual data itself, for higher match rates.

Company --> Similarity Key

B of A --> k2HDzRo6pObj5PkfW5sskHTHESF7AQ

Bank of America --> k2HDzRo6pObj5PkfW5sskHTHESF7AQ

Thompson Inc. --> lfu9lPojomFZXCDz9uatu1_z-6svBA1

GE --> O1PJ_fmAE14bHNOaPoc_GzaXFBHdFhuM6

Gen. electric --> O1PJ_fmAE14bHNOaPoc_GzaXFBHdFhuM6

Kellogs --> Rf6RCPXSmrZOp8FKRSjQuRvfzO3ef

THOMPSON COMPANY --> lfu9lPojomFZXCDz9uatu1_z-6svBA1

tompsen incorporated --> lfu9lPojomFZXCDz9uatu1_z-6svBA1

Input Parameters:

Company: Company name from which similarity key will be generated
Algorithm: Which similarity-key-generation algorithm will be applied

Output Parameters:

SimKey: Generated similarity key used for matching and comparing with other data

Sample Matches Found Using Similarity Keys:

International Business Machines
i.b.m. corp

Uhaul Trailers

Costco Stores

McKeson Corp
The Mckesson company

Florida St
Florida State University

Well’s Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo

Nationwide Insurance
Nation Wide Ins.


Forever 21 Inc.

Biogen Pharma
The Biogen Corp

apple computer
apple comp
Apple International
apple inc
apple inc.
Apple Stores
Apple Corp
Apple USA

Seven Eleven Stores
Seven 11 Inc.

Hilten Hotels
Hillton Resorts Inc.

Arctic Flooring Inc
Artic Floors

USX Corp
United Steel

Plain Dealer
Cleveland Plain Dealer
cleve Plain Dealer
Cleaveland Plane Dealer

Glaxo Smith Klein
GSK Pharmaceuticals

San Deigo Chemical
SD Chem
San Diego Chemical Corp

10k investments
Ten K Investment

Jackson Wines
Jaxon Winery Inc.

5 Penn Plaza Inc.
Five Pennsylvania Plaza

Cranston Inc.
The Cransten Corp
Cranstin Company

Hilton Hotels
Hillton Resorts Inc.

Perez Telecommunications Inc
peres telcom

Mary’s Cookies
Marys Cookie Shop

High Top Brewing
Hightop Breweries

The Johnson Rehab Center
Johnsen Rehabilitation

JP Morgan
JP Morgan Chase
JPMorgan Chase

Midland Loan Services
Mid-land Savings & Loan
Midland Banking Svcs

Equity Real Estate Investments
$Equity Realtors

National Basketball Association
National Basketball Assoc. (NBA)

Saint Francis Mem (main)
St. Francis Memorial Hospital

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