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In the global age of business, knowing whatever you can about your international customers, prospects, and site visitors can provide a better communication experience, ultimately providing more business value to you. Using an international phone number as an anchor, you can learn from where a potential customer is contacting you, what language they are likely to speak, their likely income range, and whether or not their number is a mobile device, each of these providing valuable insight.

With the Global Telephone Insight API, you can:

✔ Market products and services relevant to a site visitor’s country of origin
✔ Communicate with a visitor in a language they are likely to understand
✔ Recognize where possible if a provided phone number is a mobile device
✔ Provide a more globalized user experience
✔ API-based solution enables full customization of international communication strategies
✔ Easy to get up-and-running with immediate results
✔ World-class technical support and assistance

Simply provide the international telephone number as an input parameter to the API to retrieve all of its information.

Input Parameters:
International Telephone Number: global number including country code (note: not providing a country code will have unexpected results).

**Output Parameters: **
Country: Country where telephone number is originating
Region: Region where telephone number is originating. Region demarcation can vary by country
Primary City: Primary city from where telephone number is originating, which can include rural numbers
Primary Language: Primary language spoken where telephone number is originating
Language 2: A second language for the area if relevant
Language 3: A third language for the area if relevant
Mobile: If “Yes”, indicates the number is likely a mobile number (not yet available for North American numbers)
Wealth: A number from 1 to 9 indicating a general wealth (1=wealthiest) score for the area

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