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This easy-to-integrate API shows global time and date detail for any location.

Knowing the current local time of visitors to your Web site, regardless of where they are in the world, provides the ability to customize the experience to better meet the visitor’s needs. This could come in the form of time of day-oriented offerings, selection of images to show, and specific language to use for a more improved experience. In addition, it’s not a good idea to communicate with customers or prospective customers outside of culturally accepted time norms.

With the Global Time API, you can:

✔ Market products and services relevant to a site visitor’s current time of day
✔ Communicate with prospective customers at appropriate times of day
✔ Deliver current time and date in various forms globally
✔ Daylight savings fully implemented
✔ API-based solution enables full customization of international communication strategies
✔ Easy to get up-and-running with immediate results
✔ Accepts major cities and geographic locations around the globe
✔ World-class technical support and assistance

Input Parameters:
Locale: Locale name, such as Chicago, London, Paris, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Hawaii, etc.

Output Parameters:
Time Zone: Current time zone identifier for locale
Time Stamp: Current time in timestamp form for locale
Current Time: Current time in 24hour format for locale
Current Date: Current date for locale
Clock Time: Current time in clock format for locale
Weekday: Current day of week for locale
Day: Current day of date for locale
Month: Current month text of date for locale
Month Number: Current month number of date for locale
Year: Current year for locale
Hour: Current time hour for locale
Minute: Current time minute for locale
Second: Current time second for locale

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