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Effortlessly send and receive any message type to your WhatsApp or owned groups with our gateway.

This API is designed to work as a whatsapp shared gateway. On each request, you will send the payload as a whatsapp. The recipients could be groups managed by you; all payload types are supported: text, image, sound, vcards, files… anything that a Whatsapp official client can send/receive.

The API lets you deliver the content received from whatsapp to REST endpoints defined by you. We will forward the raw whatsapp to those destinations. This feature is also available for whatsapp groups, allowing you to listen to all the events and messages.

Another interesting feature is a dedicated (private) https webhook listener; with it, you will transform any payload sent by the origin service to a whatsapp message, then delivered to a whatsaap account, or to a group.

Please check how to subscribe to the API here: https://youtu.be/uOZ-oH4kP58

Our refund policy for subscribers is: we always accept refunding users who have not exceeded the free tier usage limit.

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