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LinkedIn data API. The most-complete, scalable and reliable LinkedIn public data API trusted by several big players in data science field. Our LinkedIn data API is crafted for large-scale data mining projects. Get LinkedIn data using our real-time API. Our API is the most affordable and the most stable among our competition. No outdated data. Send a simple HTTP request and get JSON data for normal profiles, companies as well as perform a search in LinkedIn to find people and companies. To use the API in production, check our pricing plans at

LinkedIn has the most useful data when it comes to find leads. Due to its data quality, LinkedIn has always remained a premium source to find leads related to almost any niche. LinkedIn understands the value of its and thus it has made it very hard for data miners to scrape data from their platform. We have been in data mining field for several years and now at, we are offering one of the most reliable and most feature-rich API that you can use in order to feed LinkedIn public data into your software.

We are managing a robust cloud infrastructure that enables us to offer a 100% uptime on our service with a very low latency. Our API is ready to cope with your demand no matter how high it is. If you want to avoid legal issues as well as if you can’t reliably get LinkedIn public data, you can use our API service in order to mine millions of profiles from LinkedIn without any trouble and by keeping costs low.

Here are a few features of our API service:

  • 100% uptime and accuracy guaranteed
  • The most-complete data available
  • Runs on a distributed infrastructure powered by Kubernetes
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Real-time data (No cache or data store)
  • Built to handle extensive load
  • Easy integration thanks to OpenAPI specs
  • Discounts for high-volume usage

You can get in touch with our support at to discuss the pricing or visit our website to start using our API services.

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