Touchless Identification and Authorization

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Documentazione API Touchless Identification and Authorization

API Overview:
DataChip’s – Touchless Authentication API helps developers to build touch-less authentication capability into enterprise application such as Employee and Visitor access management, facility management systems. Our API uses advanced Facial recognition techniques, COVID Vaccination status, COVID test results. In addition, a rules-based engine allows developers and business analysis to apply business rules on the data using a simple excel sheet and derive decisions such as “Allow”, “Deny” or “Secondary Check Required” etc.
Our API enables developers to build new touchless authentication and authorization apps or add this as an extra form of multi-factor authentication feature to their application to authenticate users and protect their work environment or facilities.

API Highlights:
1.Single API that combines facial recognition of your employees/visitors, COVID vaccination status and test results
2.Simple rule engine to apply business rules based on the identity, location, directory lookup, test results, and vaccination status
3.Easy to use – Add our API to your application through a single API call
4.Our API reliably detects and identifies human faces accurately with and without a face mask in seconds. 
5.Facilitate access to the premises based on the health record results
6.Our API is a versatile and universal solution for easy integration with your application and off-the-shelf hardware components i.e., Tablet, Mobile.

Use Case:
1.Temperature Screening Kiosk – Our API can be integrated into the temperature screening kiosks and authenticate users based on the identity, vaccination status, temperature, with and without a face mask, etc.,
2.Employee and Visitor Access Management - Facilitate employees, visitor’s access to any building such as offices, events, exhibitions, etc., and any unauthorized visitors can be kept at bay.
3.Healthcare - Identification of patients and able to retrieve their health records in case of emergencies
4.Control Access to sensitive areas - Facial recognition with vaccination status can work as a means of access control to ensure that only authorized individuals get into facilities.
5.At Airports – Able to retrieve COVID-19 vaccination status of the travelers and able to build confidence in co-passengers and respective governments
6.Travel and Hospitality Software – Integrate vaccination status of the traveler into the product offering
7.Multi-factor Authentication - Additional authentication factor for extra security in any login process (In Social Media platform, Access to any mobile application, etc.)

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