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Using high resolution OpenStreetMap retina tiles in QGIS

The Retina Tiles API can be used in QGIS to get a high resolution basemap with OpenStreetMap retina tiles.

Quick Start Guide:

  1. Register at RapidAPI (it’s free!)

  2. Subscribe to a plan at

  3. Fetch your RapidAPI key (you’ll find it on if you are signed in)

  4. Replace YOUR-RAPIDAPI-KEY with your api key (obtained in 3.) in the following XYZ connection example in QGIS

  5. In QGIS open the “Add XYZ Connection” option in the QGIS browser (through right click on XYZ tiles->New Connection) and enter the following:
    Name: RetinaTiles
    Min Zoom Level: 0
    Max Zoom Level: 19 (the Retina Tiles API also supports a max zoom level of 20, but this zoom level is in beta mode and is not guaranteed)
    Tile Resolution: High (512x512 / 192 DPI)

    Add Retina Tiles as a XYZ connection in QGIS for high resolution basmaps

Please note: For a perfect basemap experience, look out for the scale of your map in QGIS (the scale can be changed in the bottom menu). To prevent a blurry map display, don’t use an odd scale but rather values like e.g. 1:4000, 1:2000, 1:1000 or (with max zoom level 20) 1:500.

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