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The last solution is giving invalid urls

apigeek commented 4 mesi fa

We see that you’ve tried the API with date ranges from 2010. Thanks for helping us test out the code.

Your date ranges does include many years ago. Some of these links might have died away by now. We’re surprised to see Google still have them archived. We tested all the links that you posted and results came back. Below is a screenshot.

websites loading

If the links did not load, there is nothing we can do because it is simply how Google search works. We just return the data the Google gives us.

Could these websites be blocking your IP address? What country are you making the request from?

sohailkhan2k30-7DEVdbHz7bM commented 4 mesi fa

Please check this colab file , again the results are null ,

when i enter 2018 , sometime it shows and sometime not , and 3rd , 2018 to 2019 , only 10 results ?

apigeek commented 4 mesi fa

Sometimes the data get cached. If the results are empty, try to run it again after 10-15 minutes. If you don’t want to wait for the cache to clear, you can try adding an extra space somewhere in the query.

Also please reset your API key. I can see your API key (‘x-rapidapi-key’: “8fc6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxce9” ) in the history of the colab document.

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