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Documentazione API Global Bitcoin Price Index - GBX is proud of the fact that we were the first global price index in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and have proven over the years to also be one of the most reliable. It is considered by most as the de facto standard bitcoin price index.It is trusted by thousands of users across hundreds the world’s leading websites, apps, services and businesses. With our historical bitcoin price data stretching back to 2010, this index is perfect for a multitude of uses from reporting, invoicing, payment processing, analysis and accounting, as well as a plethora of integrations with different types of software.Users receive a weighted price calculated by our algorithms that factor in exchange activity, liquidity and different fee methodologies.The GBX data accessed via the BitcoinAverage API features:Up to 1 second refresh rateRates for 165+ currenciesDaily rates at preferred lock in time or live ratesHistoric daily rates dating back to 2010JSON or CSV formats

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