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hace 10 meses

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arungupta1657 Commented hace 3 meses

The lots of debt on my credit report deprived me so many opportunities. Long story short I had 14k in CC debt, 30k in student loan debt, not great. I was low income/living beyond my means while younger, perfect payment history last 7 years, no delinquency, charge offs, bankruptcy etc., no negatives other than balances, I think. Fico 8 was high 500s (599 EQ, 595 TU, 590 EX). After my mum told me about PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST, I reached out to them immediately with the proposal, after about 6 days I was sitting here Netflix and chilling when I get a notification from PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST to pull my report. Yes, my scores are now (801 EQ, 809 TU, 811 EX) I shed tears. The goal was to be among the 800s club before the end of the year which has been achieved. You can contact him via: PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM Or Text +1 (409) 231-0041.

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gofitech Commented hace 10 meses

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