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This paraphrasing tool API leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify contextual information and keywords to automatically rewrite sentences, phrases or paragraphs. This service can quickly and easily remove plagiarised material and therefore we do not endorse the use of this tool for unethical applications.

Automatically rewrite your sentences and paragraphs - Paraphrasing Tool uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to replace words and phrases in your text to make it unique, perfect for finding a new way to explain sentences or articles. it also has the capacity to remove plagiarism from large bodies of text although we don’t endorse the use of this tool for unethical applications.

Our machine learning powered text rewriter is the fastest and most efficient text rewriting tool on the market, it also fixes any spelling mistakes in the process.

To use you simply send the JSON payload as a POST request with the body:

"sourceText": "Your text here"

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss a custom API plan or if you have any feedback, feature requests or questions.

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