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StartDateInclusive and EndDateInclusive range filter does not work

Rapid account: Codeproyectosmx
vor 6 Monaten

When I try to make this request, I get this results

const options = {
method: ‘GET’,
url: ‘’,
params: {
Symbol: ‘MSFT’,
StartDateInclusive: ‘2020-01-01’,
EndDateInclusive: ‘2020-04-01’,
OrderBy: ‘Ascending’
headers: {
‘X-RapidAPI-Key’: ‘…’,
‘X-RapidAPI-Host’: ‘

Please note that the range is not working, the startDateInclusive is not respected and it gets all the results up to this date (2022-10-31)
“total”: 714,
“offset”: 0,
“results”: [
“date”: “2020-01-02”,
“open”: 158.779999,
“high”: 160.729996,
“low”: 158.330002,
“close”: 160.619995,
“volume”: 22622100,
“adjClose”: 156.591995

“date”: “2022-10-31”,
“open”: 233.759995,
“high”: 234.919998,
“low”: 231.149994,
“close”: 232.119995,
“volume”: 16538872,
“adjClose”: 232.119995
“responseStatus”: null

I’m guessing this is not the expected behavior, so it will be great if to know if I’m not using this API correctly or if there is a fix to be done. Thanks!

Rapid account: Nightmerker
nightmerker Commented vor 6 Monaten

It looks like it’s solved now, thanks!

Rapid account: Integraatio
integraatio Commented vor 6 Monaten

Hi - you were correct, and a bug fix has been released. Please try again and let me know if you have any problems. Thanks!

Rapid account: Integraatio
integraatio Commented vor 6 Monaten

thanks for your message. we will investigate and respond within 24 hours with a fix if needed, it looks like a bug but i will need to confirm.

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