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In-App file browsing in two lines of code. An open source, plug-and-play File Picker UI for easy file upload and download between your app and any cloud storage service.

Enable your users to browse cloud storage files and folders right in your app with a couple lines of JavaScript. To build even more powerful workflows, use endpoints from the underlying Unified Cloud Storage RESTful API to get access to more advanced features.

You can use the Kloudless File Picker in the cloud or self host on-premises as a Docker container, Amazon Web Services AMI, or OVA for deployment on your private infrastructure.

The Kloudless File Picker is an alternative and competitor to FileStack and Filepicker.io.

To learn more, try the Kloudless File Picker on Github: https://github.com/Kloudless/file-picker

Or visit https://kloudless.com/file-picker/

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