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Article truncation

Rapid account: Jlehmer
6 months ago

Is there a limit to the size of an article you will extract? When I call the extraction endpoint with this url:

Only part of the article text is returned. Any ideas what’s happening here?

Rapid account: Jlehmer
jlehmer Commented 3 months ago

@greyrock Yep agreed. My example still isn’t working either. The API owner hasn’t updated this discussion in months.

@lexper can we please get an update on this?

Rapid account: Greyrock
greyrock Commented 3 months ago

Just to reiterate:

Stops at the first unordered list/

Rapid account: Jlehmer
jlehmer Commented 5 months ago

@lexpar I just wanted to follow up on this release. It looks like the truncation problem is still present. Do you have an update on when the release that fixes this will go live?

Thank you

Rapid account: Jlehmer
jlehmer Commented 6 months ago

@lexper That sounds good, I completely understand. If you could just keep me posted on when the release is live I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for addressing this issue.

Rapid account: Lexper
lexper Commented 6 months ago


Apologies for the delay. Engineering are telling me they have detected a new case that’s not handled by our parser and have to properly address it. Our parser works in 95+% of cases, but every now and then we come across a new configuration which requires us to introduce improvements.

They are working on a fix and should be releasing it in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately we cannot release before that.

My sincere apologies.

Best Regards,

Rapid account: Jlehmer
jlehmer Commented 6 months ago


I’m just checking in to see if there’s an update on this.


Rapid account: Lexper
lexper Commented 6 months ago

Hi there,

This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the size of the article since the article is of reasonable size. I will escalate the issue to Engineering and get back to you asap.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


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