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Use this API to create and edit avatars. Once the avatar has been created, it can be used anywhere online or downloaded to your local computer.

The avatars are dynamic, so if you edit the avatar at a future date, every copy of the avatar on the internet will also reflect your changes.

The API has all the features required to allow you to create your own avatar editor that you can host within your own website.

DoppelMe Avatar API

The DoppelMe Avatar API allows developers the ability to create, edit and delete cartoon avatars programatically.

When you create an avatar through the API, you will receive a unique key for that avatar.
Using this key, you can then add/remove items of clothing, facial expressions, hairstyles - all through the same API.

You can have as many different avatars as you like, each one identified by a unique anonymous key.
Avatars are dynamic which means that you can incorporate the avatar within any website and when you edit the avatar through the API,
changes will be applied everywhere the avatar is used.

More information can be obtained from

Creating an avatar

Creating an avatar is simply a case of calling the Create Avatar endpoint of the API. This creates a basic avatar and a unique key that you will use to make further edits. Just supply the bodytype_id for the initial creation.

"POST", ""

Setting skin colour

Use the Set Skin Colour endpoint to set your avatar skin colour. Colours need to be provided as a 6-character hex code. (e.g. see

"PUT", ""

Adding an item/asset to your avatar

Items/assets can be anything from a hairstyle or facial expression to an item of clothing or other accessory. Simple call the Add Asset Item endpoint, specifying the unique key of the avatar that you wish to edit and the id of the item that you wish to add.

"PUT", ""

Colouring items/assets

Many of the items/assets for your avatar can be coloured. Colours are applied by asset type (e.g. top, hat etc)
Use the Add Asset Colour endpoint to provide colours for any asset type. Colours need to be provided as a 6-character hex code. (e.g. see

"PUT", ""

You can continue to add and colour items for your avatar item by item

All avatars also come with a cropped version (useful for profile pictures)

####Deleting an avatar
You can have as many avatars as you like like, each with its own unique key. There is no requirement to delete avatars, however we provide the Delete Avatar endpoint should you wish to do this.
This will delete all avatar information for the given key. It is not reversible once deletion is complete.

"DELETE", ""

Calls to delete avatars through the API will not use up any of your request quota (hey, we’re happy you’re helping clean up our servers!)

Available body types

When creating an avatar, you need to specify a body style. The list of available types can be obtained via the List Body Type endpoint

"GET", ""

Available asset types

When dressing you avatar, there are many different assets to choose from. They are all categorised in terms of type. e.g. hats, hair, tops, bottoms, eyewear, items
The list of available asset types (for a given bodytype) can be obtained via the List Asset Types endpoint.

"GET", ""

Available assets

The list of available assets (for a given bodytype and asset type) that you can use to dress your avatar are available via the List Assets end point.

GET", ""

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