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Demand for a X-Mashape-Key

Rapid account: Youssef 94
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Good Morning,

My name is Youssef Jdidi, I am an engineering student from Tunisia.
I’m writing you to ask if it is possible to have acess to the demo to use it in a University project .
This project will be purely academic and I will not be generating any profit through your API.
The puropose of this project is to develop a mobile application that will do a comparative study between the price of products from different stores, the application will then be published on the Apple Store and Google Play for 6 months in the name of the university.

I would pay for an api key but since i don’t have a credit card now i was hoping you would give me a key for a 6 month to do my project sucessfully

Thank you for your precious time and hoping for a positive response.

Best Regards


Rapid account: Datagram
Datagram Commented 6 वर्ष पहले

Hi Youssef,
The basic mode is free, you can use it for your project