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Transportation API

About Transportation APIs

The integration of digital applications in the transport industry has transitioned the access to information on travel. The need for a technology that supports transport-specific technology led to the rise of the Transport API. This API Provides reduced costs of operations and control of carrier networks for flexible and fast network resource allocation.

What is a Transportation API?

It is an application programming interface that offers travel data for the buses, cars and rail transport network users. The API allows a client or a customer app to retrieve transport information from a server domain. The API also provides the users with information such as traffic data, routes, service alerts, stops, schedules and delay information.

How does the API work?

The transport API uses resources from REST-style that can respond in JSON. The APIs operate by accepting requests for network traffic information and resources stored in the central API servers. The requests use the HTTP GET method with the responses containing locations, stations, connections, location distances, and coordinates. The public transport API provides endpoints which help in the discovery of stations and transit routes between locations. PHP parses the JSON responses to the requests to ensure that the information required is provided.

Users of the API

The transit API is useful for companies such as the public transport agencies who constantly need to avail transit data. The companies can use and publish their transit data for the complex transport networks they run.
The other users of the transit API are the developers. They use the APIs’ transit information to develop applications that can consume the data and offer them feedback.

Importance of the API?

The public transport API comes with several benefits and importance to both the developers and the other users. Here are some of the importance of using the transportation API.

  • They provide faster much updates especially for new regions
  • It provides a common point of controlling domains developed using different technologies.
  • Enhanced compatibility with several location services
  • They offer location access points for ease of drop-offs and pick-ups.

What you can expect from the Transit API

The public transport API helps users discover fares, access performance indicators, search access points, view train, bus, and ferry timetables. The developers have the advantage of accessing data that is both simple and easy to use. The API also provides for the ease of integration to mobile applications, back end and front end systems.

Are there examples of transport APIs?

The API is available either as paid, freemium or free. This API’s free options include Lyft, Railway Trains – India, UberRide, TransitFeeds, NYC and Subway Data. The freemium options include Skyscanner Flight Search, Flight Bookings, IATACodes, TrailAPI and YourMapper2.

Best Transportation APIs

  1. IATACodes
  2. Skyscanner Flights
  3. UberRide
  4. Lyft
  5. Flight Bookings
  6. TrailAPI
  7. Railway Trains India
  8. NYC Subway Data

Transportation API SDKs

All Transportation APIs are supported and made available in multiple developer programming languages and SDKs including:

  1. Node.js
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. Ruby
  5. Objective-C
  6. Java (Android)
  7. C# (.NET)
  8. cURL

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