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Weather data can add local weather-based customization and personalization to a broad class of consumer applications, business applications, and Web sites. Useful in marketing and Web commerce, many other informational purposes can benefit from current temperature and weather data as well. Innovators can leverage these easy-to-integrate APIs for access to weather conditions using live data collected from over three thousand weather stations across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Utilizing the outdoors for use in modern applications has never been easier.

With the Interzoid Weather APIs, you can:

✔ Market products and services relevant to a site visitor’s current weather
✔ Build creative, custom applications that leverage weather conditions
✔ Alert customers, prospects, and site visitors to potential adverse weather conditions
✔ Provide weather awareness to business processes, especially those at risk due to weather conditions
✔ API-based solution enables full customization of weather data utilization strategies
✔ Leverage updated weather data from thousands of locations across the USA
✔ Easy to get up-and-running with immediate results
✔ World-class technical support and assistance

Input Parameters:
Zip: US zip code

Output Parameters:
City: City for current weather reading
State: State where city is located
TempF: Current temperature in Fahrenheit
TempC: Current temperature in Celsius
Weather: Textual description of current weather
WindMPH: Current wind speed
WindDir: Current wind direction
Relative Humidity: Water vapor percentage present in air as compared to saturation at current temperature
Visibility Miles: Distance of where objects can be clearly seen
Air Quality Index: Air pollution concentration levels on a scale of 0-500
Air Quality Code: Numerical value corresponding to air pollution concentration category
Air Quality: Meaning of air pollution concentration category
Sunrise: Today’s sunrise time for this location
Sunset: Today’s sunset time for this location
Daylight Hours: Hours component of today’s duration between sunrise and sunset
Daylight Minutes: Minutes component of today’s duration between sunrise and sunset

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