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Kiuwan REST API Documentation

Kiuwan is a static analysis cloud service to measure, analyze and verify the quality of the code of your applications portfolios, providing, immediately, essential results and reports of the analyzed code. Kiuwan analyzes more than a dozen technologies.

The REST API is the primary way that data are retrieved from Kiuwan.

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Results of analysis
GETGet last application analysis
GETList applications
GETList application defects
GETGet specific application analysis
GETList all analysis codes for an application
GETList defects of a specific analysis
GETGet comparison of the defects found in two different analysis
GETGet the list of new defects in a comparison
GETGet the list of removed defects in a comparison
GETList files with metric values and defects of the latest analysis
GETList files with metric values and defects for a specific analysis
GETGet analysis global metrics
GETList deliveries
GETGet information of a delivery
GETGet information of a delivery by code
GETGet files with defects for audit checkpoint
GETGet the defects of a file for audit checkpoint
Action plans
GETList action plans
GETGet action plan progress summary
GETGet all defects in action plan
GETGet pending defects in action plan
GETGet removed defects from action plan
Rule documentation
GETGet rule's documentation
GETGet portfolio definitions
POSTSave portfolio definitions
Violated rules
GETGet violated rules of an analysis
GETGet files of a violated rule
GETGet defects of file
POSTCreate user
POSTModify user
DELETEDelete user
GETList users
POSTCreate application
POSTModify application
POSTCreate user group
POSTModify user groups
DELETEDelete user group
GETList user groups
Test connection
GETTest Connection
GETGet last application analysis

Retrieves last application results for a given application name.


Enter the key word Basic, a space, and the base64 encoded string of username:password

Header Parameters
REQUIREDEnter the key word Basic, a space, and the base64 encoded string of username:password
Required Parameters
Code Snippet
Install SDK
Response ExampleSchema

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
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