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The API returns the number of days, hours, working days, working hours, wages, weekend days, and the list of public holidays of the requested date period and country. You can also add any number of working days or working hours to a given date. 50 countries and over 230 regional calendars are supported and we work hard to keep our database up to date by following government announcements regarding public holidays changes. All the calendars can be fully customized from our friendly working days websites’ user interfaces. Data is returned in JSON format. This service is hosted on the professional cloud OVH.

Our HTTP JSON API exposes 3 kind of services you can plug to:

Analyse a period. You provide a start date and an end date, we respond with the number of days, working days, work hours, weekend days, the list of the public holidays over the period.

Add any number of working days / working hours to a given date. You provide a start date, we return the end date. We also return the days ventilation over that period.

List all the non-working dates between 2 dates (they can be weekend days, public holidays or custom dates).

Visit our working days websites, in order to fully customize the calendar to query:
-Define your weekend days one by one
-Define your own default week time schedule (1 to 4 weeks templates are supported). It is your own default definition of a regular week (working hours morning and afternoon for each day of the week)
-Choose your public holidays one by one, or by selecting one of our preset configurations
-Define one or several custom periodic rules: for instance, “every second Monday of the month is closed” or “every Tuesday of January” has specific working hours that overloads your default week time schedule
-Add some specific “custom dates” (full day or half day, typically days off). If a custom date is a working day, you can define its working hours, morning, and afternoon, overloading your default week time schedule.

The v1.3 introduces changes in the response schemas (more standard), and will let you define custom dates from the API.

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