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Mitto’s Programmable SMS API enables you to send and receive SMS messages to and from any country across the world through a simple REST API.

In order to use Mitto’s API, you need to have an account with Mitto, please check out our website, or contact us at


Mitto’s API use API key to authenticate requests. You can create, retrieve and manage your API keys using your user dashboard.
Each API call requires a header including your API Key to authenticate the API request:
X-Mitto-API-Key: string


Mitto’s API uses HTTP verbs to understand if you want to create (POST) an object.
The format of the response must be JSON or XML:

Status Codes

These are the request status codes and their descriptions returned in the responseCode and responseText parameters of the response body:

Status Code Description Possible solution
0 SMS sent /
1 Internal error Contact Mitto support
2 Invalid type Please specify the type parameter. Allowed types: GSM, Unicode and Binary
3 Empty message “text” parameter can’t be empty
4 Message text is invalid Make sure the text parameter of the request does not contain any characters that are not supported by the encoding set specified in the type parameter
5 Empty sender Set the from parameter
6 Invalid sender Alphanumeric sender ID length should be between 3 and 11 characters. Numeric sender ID length should be between 3 and 14 characters
7 Empty receiver Please specify a receiver number
8 Invalid receiver Verify the value of the to parameter of the request contains only numbers in E.164 format

Delivery Reports

Delivery reports related to the sent SMS messages are available via callbacks to a dedicated callback URL. The callback URL is individual for each Mitto customer.
In the API, you can tag a message you sent with metadata information which is returned to you in the callback for that message. You can use metadata to identify individual messages or a group of messages (i.e. campaign), or provide any other information needed for business or technical purposes. For details on how to use metadata tags in messages, refer to Adding Metadata to the Message and Required Parameters (the reference parameter).

Message Delivery Status

These are the statuses returned in the delivery reports:

Status Description
SENT Message has been sent to the mobile network
DELIVERED Message has been delivered
UNDELIVERED Message has not been delivered
BUFFERED Message is buffered in the SMSC and will enter the re-try scheme
FAILED Message was rejected by the carrier
EXPIRED Message could not be delivered within the defined validity period
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