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The Kloudless Unified Calendar API connects your application to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, iCal, IMAP. Add any Calendar integration to your application without the complexity and cost of individually building and maintaining each connector. Code once, integrate many!

Schedule events on any calendar provider. Your users can schedule their important events or meetings from within your application on their existing cloud calendar service. Provide your users with a seamless experience, no matter which calendaring service they are already invested in.

Bi-directional, real-time Calendar sync. Kloudless offers a full-featured Activity Monitoring API with Webhooks and event bus support across all calendar services. Your application can track changes to your users’ calendars like new, updated, or deleted events in real-time. Use our CRUD APIs to retrieve updated event data or modify a user’s connected calendar account.

You can use Kloudless in the cloud or self host on-premises as a Docker container, Amazon Web Services AMI, or OVA for deployment on your private infrastructure.

Kloudless Unified Calendar API is an alternative and competitor to Nylas and Cronofy. To learn more, visit https://kloudless.com/calendar-api/

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