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Web2Meaning is an API that efficiently scrapes information from given web pages.

It allows you to process any volume of websites quickly and to collect databases for further text-mining activities.

Key features

  • Data extraction: extracts text, images, videos, links, files, metadata;

  • Text cleaning: cleaning text from HTML tags, and irrelevant content such as ads;

  • Extracts dynamic content: retrieve data from web pages with content that dynamically loads and renders through JavaScript;

  • Entities extraction: extracts key entities from a text(products, technologies, brands, etc.)

  • Text classification: classifies a page’s textual content, enhancing understanding and categorization;

  • Domain classification: categorize a website’s main page based on its overarching topic;

  • Article determination: determines whether a specific page qualifies as an article;

  • Hyperlinks extraction: extracts hyperlinks from the page and tagging them in the extracted text;

Explore additional capabilities in the documentation.

Use cases

  1. Website Analysis: understand a company’s competitive presence, examining the content, structure, and features.
  2. Content Aggregation: gather extensive databases across the Internet based on a particular topic.
  3. Training Data Collection: collect web content to create datasets for AI models.

Get started

  1. Documentation: learn how to efficiently start using Web2Meaning capabilities.
  2. Examples: explore real-world application and code snippets demonstrating how to use our API effectively.
  3. Free trial: start by signing up for a free trial to get immediate access to all the features and capabilities of Web2Meaning API.
  4. Explore our NLP solutions: benefit from your scraped data with a comprehensive set of text-mining solutions that can assist you in collecting high-quality structured databases.

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  1. Documentation: for in-depth information on our API, its functionalities, and integration guidelines, please refer to our extensive documentation.
  2. Discord: encounter an issue or have a question? Join our Discord channel for rapid assistance and engage with our community and support team.
  3. Email: feel more comfortable communicating via email? Reach out to us at info@knowledgator.com, and we’ll be happy to help with any queries you might have.