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RIP Blackbox

4달 전

Blackbox was a great free service, but now the 1 request / second max is really restricting. I appreciate you kept the v1 requests free though.

Requiring a token for v1 requests BASIC/free plans is also annoying.

It’s always sad to see a previously free project made to be easy to use turn into a financial thing that’s annoying to implement and heavily limited

Also fuck for leaking my email address lol, good thing I entered my spam one

CMunroe commented 11일 전

@manibadhel, I’m very glad you enjoy it and I am glad it is benefiting you.

@rlevetspam, You are most welcome. I don’t intend to take the direct link away. I do not know if rapidapi forebodes the linking to the api directly, and I haven’t taken the time to verify. I suspect they do not appreciate it, and I am not trying to make waves.

rlevetspam commented 한 달 전

Thanks @CMunroe for keeping the legacy v1 API alive and without limits 😃

The non link seems to be hidden from this API page though, and the only mention of it is here. Is it done on purpose or a limitation of rapidapi (which forbids you from posting this link publicly?)

manibadhel commented 한 달 전

I love to use v1, and using if from the long time for my server security. And it really improve the security of our services

CMunroe commented 2달 전


V1 is cached for 7 days, and only gives you a (Y,E,N) for a response.

V2 is cached for 1 day, and gives you a list of detections we have found.

kengra commented 3달 전

So what different between v1 and v2, any limit sir, v1 still get update IP/proxy like v2 same time?

CMunroe commented 4달 전

v1 requests are still entirely free. We have no limits and no token auth on the original api endpoint. I posted the link below if you need it.{ip}

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